Brantner Trailers

Picture of the Brantner TA 24073 Power Tube Dumper.  B Price Forestry are the exclusive UK agent for Brantner trailers.
Brantner: TA 24073 POWER TUBE Dumper


When Ben and his team decided they wanted to add a quality trailer to there portfolio the search began to find a company that met with their values, a company that produced a quality and value for money product that  Ben and his team could be confident to market.

After many hours of research and a few trips to Europe they are  very proud to announce they are the UK agents for the no 1 trailer manufacturer in Western Europe Brantner, quality from Austria for 75 years.

Brantner is 100% family owned and share similar values to the team at BP Forestry and 100% production from the forge to the finished product is done always with a focus on quality.

From a single axle tipper, tandem axle tipper, platform trailers, three sided tippers, multiplex trailers (carry bulk potatoes or palletised boxes) dump trailers to push off trailers the Brantner range caters for all your transport needs.

So why buy a Brantner?

  • Value for money quality product
  • 10 year guarantee on the chassis frame
  • Ball tilt bearing as far out as possible for a wider support and thus lower centre of gravity (competition has pivot point directly on to frame ) you won’t find a more stable trailer than a Brantner.
  • Smooth one piece wall and floor, no welding lines to restrict flow of tipping products
  • High Quality seal on hydraulic rear door (no Leakage of oilseed rape or other fine product)
  • ACC surface coated technology : The acc coating in combination with the 2 component acrylic paint spray finish ensures high quality corrosion protection and is truck quality paint work.
  • The high resale value of a Brantner trailer speaks for itself.

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